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linkShort URLs

Below you will find information about our get subdomain, used for short, friendly distribution URLs. Feel free to point customers to this domain, rather than pointing them directly to our API's artifact endpoints.

For example — rather than,

You can point them to,

linkDownload an Artifact

Download an artifact. Redirects to the storage provider, initiating a download.


  • linkBearer


    An authentication token with privileges to read the release artifact: either an admin, the product it belongs to, an entitled license (via license key or a license token), or a user with an entitled license. If the product's distribution strategy is OPEN, no authentication is required.

linkURL Parameters

  • link<account>


    The identifier (UUID) or slug of your Keygen account.

  • link<release>


    The identifier (UUID), version or tag of the release to be retrieved.

  • link<artifact>


    The identifier (UUID) or the filename of the artifact to be retrieved.


Example request

curl -vLG -X GET \
-d 'auth=license:C1B6DE-39A6E3-DE1529-8559A0-4AF593-V3'

Example response / 303 See Other