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linkResponse Codes

Our API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, a validation failed, etc.), and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with our servers (these are rare).

Code Status Meaning
200 OK Everything worked as expected.
201 Created The resource was created successfully.
202 Accepted The request has been accepted for processing.
204 No Content Everything worked as expected, but there was nothing to respond with.
303 See Other The request was successful. Follow the Location header via GET for more information.
307 Temporary Redirect The request was successful. Follow the Location header and replay the request.
400 Bad Request The request was unacceptable, often due to missing or unpermitted parameters.
401 Unauthorized No valid API token provided.
403 Forbidden The authenticated entity does not have permission to complete the request.
404 Not Found The requested resource doesn't exist.
409 Conflict The request could not be completed because the resource already exists.
422 Unprocessable Entity A validation error occurred on the resource.
429 Too Many Requests Too many requests hit the API too quickly. We recommend an exponential backoff of your requests.
5xx Server Errors Something went wrong on our end. (These are rare.)