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  • Protect your app with our flagship software licensing API. Add fine-grained license entitlements, restrict automatic upgrades to certain versions, enforce activation limits, and more.
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keygen.LicenseKey = "C1B6DE-39A6E3-DE1529-8559A0-4AF593-V3"
keygen.Account = "1fddcec8-8dd3-4d8d-9b16-215cac0f9b52"
keygen.Product = "1f086ec9-a943-46ea-9da4-e62c2180c2f4"
opts := keygen.UpgradeOptions{CurrentVersion: "1.0.0", Channel: "stable", PublicKey: "5ec69b78d4b5d4b624699cef5faf3347dc4b06bb807ed4a2c6740129f1db7159"}
// Check for an upgrade
release, err := keygen.Upgrade(opts)
switch {
case err == keygen.ErrUpgradeNotAvailable:
fmt.Println("No upgrade available, already at the latest version!")
return nil
case err != nil:
return err
// Install the upgrade
if err := release.Install(); err != nil {
return err
fmt.Println("Upgrade complete! Please restart.")

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Free during development, no upfront commitment

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