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Need help integrating our API? We offer turn-key licensing integrations and consulting services by our licensing experts. We'd love to get your team set up. Discuss your requirements with us over email.

Pricing FAQs

  • What is a "licensed user"?

    A "licensed user" is somebody you license to use your product, identified through a user resource, or through a license resource if you're not using our identity management features, that has been active within the last 90 days.

    For example, a user resource which has 3 associated license resources with it will count as a single licensed user, while 3 license resources without user associations will count as 3 individual licensed users.

  • How can I keep an eye on my request volume?

    Your admin Dashboard includes a graph of your account's request volume. You can also view individual request logs from your Dashboard, which includes additional information.

  • What happens if I exceed my limits?

    Free and trialing accounts have a hard license and request limit, and we'll return a 402 status code when a limit is reached. All paid tiers have soft limits, meaning we'll continue to return the standard API responses to you and send you an email notification that you've gone over your limit. If it happens regularly, we'll ask you to upgrade to a larger tier.

  • How does the dev tier work?

    We'll start you off on our limited free tier, which should give you enough flexibility during the integration and development phase. Once you're ready for production, you can upgrade to a paid tier at any time from your billing dashboard.

  • Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

    Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime from your billing dashboard.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    We hate to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your account at anytime from your billing dashboard.

  • Do you offer yearly billing?

    Yes! If you're interested in being billed yearly, reach out.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB credit cards. Debit cards are also accepted for Visa, MasterCard or JCB. In addition, we also offer the option for larger companies to pay invoices via bank ACH or wire transfer.

  • What if I need a larger plan?

    No problem! Need to make more requests than even our biggest plan, or have custom data needs or other special requirements? Reach out and we'll get you set up with exactly what you need.

  • Can I ask a different question?

    Of course. Ask away.