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Since 2016, we've handled distribution for hundreds of software products. By developers, for developers.

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Demo of the Keygen admin dashboard
curl -X GET -G https://api.keygen.sh/v1/accounts/demo/releases/actions/upgrade \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer activ-c877d5273dc8df42075dd417d93cec47v3' \
-H 'Accept: application/vnd.api+json' \
-d 'product=ef6e0993-70d6-42c4-a0e8-846cb2e3fa54' \
-d 'platform=win32' \
-d 'channel=stable' \
-d 'filetype=exe' \
-d 'constraint=1.0' \
-d 'version=1.9.2'

Secure, license-gated artifact storage and distribution network

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