Getting started

Learn how to set up a product and a policy, plus create a new user and a license using Keygen's dashboard. If you need help after reading this, can reach out to us anytime at [email protected].

To get started, you will either need to log into your Dashboard or generate an authentication token via the API. To generate a token directly through the API, check out the code examples in the API reference.


Add your first product by going to the Products resource and clicking the New Product button. You will be presented with a form consisting of a few attributes for your product. If you're curious what a particular attribute is for, be sure to check out the Product resource in the API reference.


Next, we're going to add a license policy for your product. A license policy defines the different types of licenses that your product offers. Policies can be for a number of different things, from different plans for your product to fine-grained feature policies.

To add a new policy, go to the Policies resource and click on the New Policy button.

Curious about what each of the attributes are used for? Check out the Policy resource in the API reference.


Add a new user for your product by going to the Users resource and clicking on the New User button. You will see all of your users under the users listing as well as all admin users. (Normally, you would create users through the API using a sign up form, but for the purpose of this guide we're creating them manually.)


Next up, we're going to give the new user a license to use your product. To add a new license, go to the Licenses resource and click on the New License button. You will be presented with a form allowing you to select the policy to implement, as well as the user to create the license for.

When creating a new license, you have the option to manually specify a license key. When the key field is left blank, a key will automatically be generated for you whenever the license is created.

Next steps

That's it! Now that you've got a product all set up with a license policy, you're all set to start integrating Keygen into your product!

Next up, you could…

  1. Create a registration form for your product to accept new users
  2. Create a login form in your product to authenticate your users
  3. Add a conditional feature within your product based on a user's licenses
  4. Start keeping track of each of your user's machines
  5. Integrate Stripe and Keygen together using webhooks

Questions? Reach out at [email protected].