Custom Domains

To use a custom domain with Keygen, you will need to email [email protected] with the domain name you'd like to use. Custom domains require a subscription add-on (pricing is available here). Once we receive your domain, we'll send you a set of DNS records that you can add via your DNS provider. Typically, this will be a single CNAME record.

Custom domains allow you to access Keygen's API using your own domain.

For example, the following request,


Would become,


(Note the omitted /accounts/example-com URL prefix.)

Adding the CNAME

Navigate to your DNS provider and add a CNAME record, using your chosen subdomain and the DNS target that we provide you with. For example, a CNAME will look something like this:

Type Name Target

Once the CNAME record has been added to your domain's DNS, it may take up to 24–48 hours for an automated TLS certificate to be initialized.

Using Cloudflare? Please use "DNS only" mode.

Testing the CNAME

Once your CNAME record has been added to your domain's DNS, you can test it by issuing an HTTP request to your chosen subdomain:

curl -v

The above HTTP request should respond with a 200 OK response. If you receive a TLS error, a TLS certificate has likely not been initialized yet. If it times out, DNS likely has not propagated fully. Depending on your provider, DNS propagation may take up to 24–48 hours.