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Keygen vs Bintray

If you're looking for a replacement for JFrog's now sunset Bintray product, then Keygen is the product just for you.


Artifact distribution API

With Keygen's ultra-fast, cloud-native software distribution API, you can securely distribute code repositories, container images, binary artifacts, and other software deliverables to licensed and entitled users.

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Powerful licensing API

Integrate our flagship software licensing API to implement powerful licensing models that can scale with your product. Add fine-grained license entitlement constraints, enforce node- and CPU-based activation limits, and more.

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Simple, affordable pricing

Keygen is the perfect alternative to Bintray, offering an ultra-fast, cloud-based artifact licensing and distribution network at an affordable price, making Keygen a great fit for indies, startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike.

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